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The Men's and Women's FitStep both offer cushioning and support for biomechanical realignment; however, the level of cushioning and support varies amongst the two.

The Men's FitStep is a slightly thinner, lower profile product with moderate cushioning, and a heel cup that is dropped low enough to support a healthy curvature in the lumbar spine.

The Women's FitStep is constructed the same, but features additional cushioning for increased shock-absorption and is ideal for alleviating pain associated with most common foot conditions.

Thanks to our patented technology, DoctorInsole® are designed to fit your feet perfectly.
If you're in between sizes, just size down due to the rise in the arch of our shells. If you go up a size, it'll likely sit too far back on your foot.

To choose the right quantity, consider two things.

1. How many shoes do you use. Our unique technology will take a mould of your feet and shoe. For this reason, we recommend using one DoctorInsole per shoe. Doing so will make you feel like walking on soft grass while fixing the root cause of your foot pain.

2. How active are you. We use the highest quality materials that are medically consistent with custom orthotics. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, you should replace running shoes after 300-500 miles of use. Similarly, we suggest replacing your insoles after a similar period.

Please notice, the 30 days guarantee is valid on all purchases, regardless of the selected quantity. Hence, we suggest purchasing the "Lightning Deal" for the highest savings and benefits at no risk.

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