Podiatrist and Tech Entrepreneur Disrupt the Multi-Billion Dollar Orthotic Industry With Aerospace Technology

Posted by Amber Smith, Technology Editor

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - The first custom-grade orthotic insole created using an aerospace material to support the foot and body to relieve pain!

For years, back and foot pain sufferers have only had 2 options for relief - either expensive custom orthotics or cheap ineffective insoles. A California based company has changed that, by using a NASA created material to mold to your foot as you wear it. They have successfully created a highly effective self-customizing orthotic, that is available over-the-counter. This new category of orthotic insole has finally brought new technology to an old industry, providing pain relief and increased performance.

Awarded over 20 patents worldwide, the company has created a full line of custom-grade self molding orthotic insoles. Each one corrects all 3 planes of motion and are specifically designed to uniquely fit each foot.

Initially launched through medical professionals, it is now available without prescription, directly through their website. Their most popular orthotic insole, FitStep, has gone viral and sold out twice since they launched. They work!

Why is this such a big deal?

Custom orthotics are big money and typically insurance doesn't cover them. So before you hand over up to $1,000 while waiting in pain, this game changing technology could give you comfortable, custom relief for a fraction of the price.

Lots of people resort to custom orthotics to solve their foot and back issues, but unless you have a complex foot disorder or a diabetic issue, this new category of self-customizing orthotic insoles will very likely solve your foot and back issues. All you have to do is simply remove your current insole and replace it with an orthotic insole. As you walk it’s using your body weight and the way you walk to conform to your feet.

The Big Secret

The entire surface of the orthotic insole has a layer of high-density moldable material that uses your body weight to conform to each foot. Originally created by NASA to support the weight and shape of astronauts to reduce the effects of G-forces. This high-density material compresses where it receives the most amount of pressure from the body and solidifies maintaining the shape, countering with additional support.

By evenly distributing weight and repositioning the body, Orthotic Insoles

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Back Pain
  • Bunions
  • Fatigue
  • Neuroma
  • Shin Splints
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Revive Feet
  • Ankle Stabilization
  • Restore Natural Alignment

Why are Orthotic Insoles Different?

Orthotic Insoles use similar materials to custom orthotics, which are built around a rigid neutral shell that provides arch support and heel / ankle stability. For most people a neutral shell can offer a lot of foot and back relief. However, it’s the shock absorption top layer and high-density moldable material that make the correction of the neutral shell provide unique and comfortable relief.

These revolutionary orthotic insoles are a custom, corrective and comfortable solution for pain relief at a fraction of the cost of a custom orthotic.

Unlike other over-the-counter insoles, orthotic insoles are uniquely designed for everyone, from professional athletes to seniors. They have various insoles for every type of shoe size and activity. They even have special insoles for high heels!

Using them is as simple as removing your current insole and replacing it with Orthotic Insoles. It uses your body weight to intelligently mold to your feet. Within the first 24 - 48 hrs of wear the orthotic insole will create an impression of your foot.

Professional Athletes Depend On FitStep

Nadia Ruiz was stopped in her tracks by plantar fasciitis and thought she would never run again. She held the record for youngest Latina's to run over 100 marathons, and credits FitStep for her recovery.

“I started using them in the gym and then daily life. When I introduced them into my runs, I just felt great! The support helped alleviate the burn I had from the plantar fasciitis." - Nadia Ruiz

Buying and Testing The Product

We purchased a pair of FitStep which had the best reviews for lower back pain and plantar fasciitis. (Note: If you're a half size round up to the next full size.) By using the link below we got 35% Off from the official website, and within 3 days our Orthotic Insoles arrived.

Step 1: Remove your existing shoe insert and replace it with your Orthotic Insoles.

Step 2: It is recommended to ease into your Orthotic Insoles. They're a corrective device and need to time to mold to your feet.

At first, you'll feel the shell under your arch, and that’s normal. The first few days of wearing the Orthotic Insoles it's using your body weight to mold to your foot. This process is what allows the Orthotic Insoles to correct YOUR specific foot problems and align your body.

Step 3: After a day or two start you'll notice that your Orthotic Insoles are significantly more comfortable and if you remove them from your shoes you'll likely notice a visual impression of your foot.

After wearing Orthotic Insoles for about a week our reviewer noticed DRASTIC results.

"The morning foot pain (plantar fasciitis) was the first noticeable change. You can definitely feel the alignment, especially when you're doing activities that would normally cause back pain or body fatigue."

Our reviewer's story is not unique. Hundreds of people have discovered the corrective relief of Orthotic Insoles. See What Other People Had To Say below. To see if they are right for you, Click Here

Introducing a new kind of
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Using a blend of general science, biomechanics and customer research we created an orthotic insole that uniquely customizes and corrects.

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Introducing a new kind of
patented, doctor designed insole.

Using a blend of general science, biomechanics and customer research we created an orthotic insole that uniquely customizes and corrects.

Try DoctorInsole today - your feet will thank you. Enjoy risk-free comfort with our 30-day money back guarantee!