These Self-Molding Insoles Deliver Proven Foot Pain Relief for a Fraction of the Cost

Posted by Amber Smith, Technology Editor

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - New category of orthotic insole created using a self molding aerospace material to support foot arches and get rid of pain!

Custom orthotics are the best solution for many foot and back issues. However, typically insurance doesn’t cover them, so before you hand over the $600 to $800 they cost or resort to cheap pharmacy grade insoles, there’s a new category of Orthotic Insoles that offers correction at an over-the-counter price. Isn’t it time for something new that actually works?

In Silicon Valley, California, down the street from Tesla and Apple, a new life-improving technology company has found a way to eliminate up to 90% of the cost in creating a truly corrective foot bed.

By introducing cutting-edge technology to an industry untouched for decades, DoctorInsole has developed a new and effective solution for treating foot, knee and back pain.

Orthotic Insoles are layered with moldable aerospace materials on top of a corrective arch, similar to those found in custom orthotics.

The result? A semi-custom orthotic that can correct all three planes of motion positioning your body to move more efficiently and rid yourself of pain. The best part is that they’re completely over-the-counter.

  • No prescription.
  • No doctor’s visit.
  • No co-pay.

So, if you’re looking for an orthotic alternative, this is it!

The truth is, unless you have a complex foot disorder, are diabetic or have a recurring injury, you may not need custom orthotics. For those who don’t require custom orthotics, these semi-custom Orthotic Insoles are a great option. They are designed for different shoe types and are made with medical-grade support for a close-to-custom fit.

Let’s be clear: These orthotic insoles provide similar comfort, correction and durability as doctor-prescribed custom orthotics:

  • They use similar materials
  • They correct your feet in the same way
  • They are crafted using the same process

… yet they cost 90% less. Why?

How This Silicon Valley Company Brings You Prescription-Quality Orthotics at a Fraction of the Cost

This patented self-molding technology removes many of the expenses found in custom orthotics.

Making custom orthotics is a multi-step process that includes a thorough exam of your foot, taking a cast of your foot and then manufacturing and fitting of your orthotics.

Instead this patented approach is activated by your body weight and the molding begins as you wear it over the first few days, making them more comfortable with every step.

This active weight bearing impression is a more efficient process and the savings is passed on to their customers. Are they right for you? It’s worth a shot!  They’re backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee and ship for free to the contiguous USA.

Our Experience

We tested FitSteps — advertised as the “most popular and versatile” of the Orthotic Insoles and available on their website for as little as $59.99 a pair if you buy a bundle. FitSteps are easy to insert into your shoes, they fit true to size and don’t require any trimming or other modifications.

Maybe the most unique feature: these Orthotic Insoles have a layer of aerospace high density memory foam. It uses “active weight bearing impression” tech to perfectly mold to your foot. The first few days you use these insoles, your body weight molds them, making them more comfortable and supportive with every step.

“I’ve been wearing custom orthotics for 30 years and FitSteps are thinner, lighter and even more comfortable without sacrificing correction or arch support,” claims one reviewer.

This Surgeon Analyzed 1 Million+ Orthotics. Here’s What He Found…

The team at DoctorInsole got started as a manufacturer for doctor prescribed, custom orthotics. Led by a podiatric surgeon, they analyzed and hand-made over one million pairs of custom orthotics over a five year period. As they continued to fill order after order… they made a discovery that led to the world’s first Orthotic Insole.

Orthotics are typically made of three layers. The top layer provides shock absorption and the bottom layer is there as an anti-slip mechanism. But where the real magic happens is in the shell. The shell is the corrective core that provides arch support and ankle stability by manipulating your foot into a more neutral position, aligning the body and reducing pain.

The team at DoctorInsole discovered that this one responsive shell could treat 70-80% of the most common foot conditions. From flat feet to high arches, plantar fasciitis to metatarsalgia — DoctorInsole has helped relieve pain from tens of thousands of Americans suffering from:

  • Plantar Fasciitis Relief
  • Back Pain Reduction
  • Bunion Prevention
  • Lessened Fatigue
  • Neuroma Relief
  • Decreased Shin Splints
  • Improved Balance
  • Better Posture
  • Revive Feet
  • Ankle Stabilization
  • Restore Natural Alignment

And more!

“NASA-Created Technology That Uniquely Contours to Your Feet”

DoctorInsoles patented orthotic insoles use aerospace grade materials, originally created by NASA. They compress under your body weight, creating a unique fit. This helps evenly distribute weight and remove pressure from sensitive areas.  It can even accommodate different foot types, like flat or high arches.

DoctorInsole’s FitSteps were first made available to medical professionals and their patients in the greater Los Angeles area as a “First Step” in treatment to rule out easily corrected conditions and as an “orthotic alternative” for patients who couldn’t afford custom orthotics or whose insurance had stopped covering their orthotics.

The results were fantastic. Not only did DoctorInsole provide the same levels of pain relief as their more expensive custom counterparts, patients were able to get two or three pairs to put in their walking shoes, dress shoes, golf shoes and almost any other shoe for a fraction of the price!

Final thoughts on Doctor Insole FitStep orthotic insoles (plus a 35% discount)

We found hundreds of reviews from people singing the praises of how DoctorInsole got them walking, running, biking and living pain-free again.

You can experience this too, and right now is the best time because DoctorInsole is letting us offer you an exclusive discount!

Normally they’re $99 but — while supplies last — you’ll save 35% on your DoctorInsole FitStep custom orthotic insoles by using this link.

With DoctorInsole’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, there’s no risk. If they don’t work for you, simply return them. But… when they do work, just imagine how good it’ll feel to take your first pain-free steps in a long, long time.

Order today before supplies run out again.

Introducing a new kind of
patented, doctor designed insole.

Using a blend of general science, biomechanics and customer research we created an orthotic insole that uniquely customizes and corrects.

Try DoctorInsole today - your feet will thank you. Enjoy risk-free comfort with our 30-day money back guarantee!

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What other people had to say...

"I've had pain in my arches, plantar fasciitis, a torn Achilles tendon and more. When I started wearing DoctorInsole, everything changed. I started to walk straight, my ankles began feeling stable, so I can walk everyday or run around with my grandkids and my feet are pain free.

I've always been an active person, so it's really nice to be able to continue doing what I love, without the pain that I once felt. I give these insoles a 10!"

New York City

"After walking a round of 18 holes, my feet and legs would become incredibly sore. Once I switched to DoctorInsole and wore them for 10 rounds of golf walking, the soreness in my feet and legs became lessened by about 70%, which is extraordinary!"

Washington DC

"For two years since running the Lake Tahoe Half Marathon, I have been afraid to run because of foot pain and swelling. DoctorInsole literally changed my life - I can run again pain-free! I actually have them in all my shoes now because they make such a difference on my lower back and feet!"


Introducing a new kind of
patented, doctor designed insole.

Using a blend of general science, biomechanics and customer research we created an orthotic insole that uniquely customizes and corrects.

Try DoctorInsole today - your feet will thank you. Enjoy risk-free comfort with our 30-day money back guarantee!